1 Miracle Of Ayurveda

“For every disease on earth there is a corresponding cure in nature.”
(An Islamic Traditional Saying)

There are so many unhappy couples suffering from Sexual problems now-a-days. There are too many reasons of having a sexual problems like Premature Ejaculation, Erectile dysfunction or sexual disorder. Excessive use of Tobacco, Cigarette, Alcohol etc. may tends to Sexual Problems in later phase.

Who am I: 
I am not a Doctor, but I have seen that Ayurveda can cure such disease like miracle and with no time. There are lots of leaves and herb available in our daily life which can cure such problems when taken in proper manner and exact dose.

Why I am writing this:
Very good question arises in your mind. Well I never thought before that I will open this blog. But I have to. Because 3 months back, one BABA came into our colony and knock our neighbor's door for some food. The guy opened the door and ask him that what he wants. BABA asks for some food and told him that he is coming from some terrain from Himalaya. That guy is very close friend of mine. After a stomach full of lunch, BABA smiled and asked him, "Koi Kast Bachha" (Any problem)? God knows why he asked him and that fellow also trust him and told him about the sexual problem he is suffering from and how his relationship becomes worse day by day with his wife.... continues...
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